Cloud DataLogger: an innovation in managing data from power plants

Last September, S4E implemented the Cloud DataLogger on Energysoft. Proposed for the interconnection of CNR (Compagnie Nationale du Rhône) ground-based power plants, this innovation marks a crucial development in the collection and analysis of energy data. It provides photovoltaic power plant and wind farm operators with a powerful tool to maximise their facilities’ efficiency and performance.

What is Cloud DataLogger?

Traditionally, a DataLogger is a physical device that collects and records data from a power plant, such as the power, voltage and current of a device, an electricity meter or an inverter, for example. The Cloud DataLogger, developed by S4E, transcends the physical box, offering a virtual system hosted on cloud servers. This provides direct, secure access (via VPN) to on-site equipment, playing a key role in the management of solar installations. The OPC UA and DNP3 interconnection protocols ensure communication between the Cloud DataLogger and a range of industrial equipment.

Interaction with SCADA

The SCADA, or Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system, monitors and controls installations in real time. Present in highly instrumented power plants, it is essential for real-time regulation and safety. Energysoft acts in this ecosystem as a Hypervisor, unifying data from all assets on a single platform. The Cloud DataLogger will therefore enhance Energysoft by connecting to sites’ SCADA systems.

The Cloud DataLogger performs several vital functions:

  • Data collection: it gathers essential information such as energy production, luminosity, panel temperature and environmental and technical parameters
  • Regular transmission: data is transmitted to the S4E servers at regular intervals, every ½ hour or every hour
  • Analysis and reporting: it analyses the data collected to produce detailed reports on the performance of the solar power plants, so that they can be monitored and managed more effectively.

The main advantages:

  • Accessibility: Energysoft enables managers to consult the performance data for their plants at any time via a single portal
  • Data security: secure data storage in the cloud minimises the risk of data loss or device failure
  • Reduced costs: the Cloud DataLogger eliminates the need for physical hardware on site, thereby reducing the associated costs (purchase, installation and maintenance of equipment)

Secure development and in-house expertise

In line with our policy of not outsourcing development work, this module was designed in-house by architects with expertise in industrial automation. Security is at the heart of the DataLogger Cloud design: hosted on servers managed by S4E, each customer benefits from two dedicated and redundant servers, ensuring flawless availability and reliability.

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