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Cloud application for monitoring energy production and consumption sites, for professionals and businesses experts

Optimise the performance of your solar power plant

At a glance, Energysoft gives you the ability to visualise the activity, availability and performance of your PV plants using advanced analytics.

With Energysoft software, you can visualise the performance of your solar power plant at any time using precise and detailed dashboards. 100% customisable, the dashboards adapt to the users’ profile, with the possibility to integrate their own customised actions.

The dashboards dedicated to production modelling are based on different algorithms allowing you to analyse your activity in relation to your theoretical production (sunlight, ageing), or in relation to the production of neighbouring sites.

In addition, you can configure the type and nature of the alarms yourself in the event of malfunctions, a drop in production, or any other anomaly observed.

Depending on your needs, these alarms can apply to your entire park, to part of this or to a particular site, and may be sent in different forms: Energysoft private messaging, telephone notification, or even SMS.

Views tailored to the user

Our solution for monitoring your solar power plant is customisable according to each user profile


Control and maintain your solar power plant with a tool compatible with the majority of hardware on the market (Inverters, dataloggers, PLC, API manufacturers)

Asset Managers

Monitor the actual performance of your portfolio of installations


Manage the performance of your park and integrate it into your energy policy

Anticipate and manage maintenance

A maintenance module (CMMS) is offered for plants monitored with Energysoft.

With this integrated module and the mobile application, plan your curative or preventive interventions on site: monitoring of information, fault detection, incident management, intervention request, and definition of a list of tasks to be carried out, all within a workflow bringing together the various participants.

Using the mobile and live application from the production site, the technical staff can publish their report, indicate the tasks performed, add attachments, or complete pre-established checklists. Finally, for the accounting department, the module makes it possible to financially monitor subcontractors.

Share information without constraint

Energysoft offers you the ability to automatically generate reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Stay informed and communicate easily with automated reports in Word, PDF or Excel format.

In order to share production information easily, our APIs, based on the ODATA standard, enable reporting tools (BI tools), and more generally information systems, to read the data aggregated and standardised by Energysoft.

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