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In general, all equipment such as data logger gateways and inverters on the market are compatible with our Energysoft monitoring solution. If this is not the case, we are committed to creating connectors so that your equipment can work with our platform.

The 3 main steps for commissioning on Energysoft are:

- You create your site

- You configure the on-site communication gateway to send the data to our servers based on the information provided

- The equipment appears automatically when data is received.

Energysoft is a complete tool that was developed in partnership with business experts. We work in "co-construction" with our customers in a process of continuous product improvement. Find the details of the functionalities of our software on the dedicated page and do not hesitate to tell us about your specific needs!

Yes, you can have custom indicators in the form of charts or periodic reports, including by inserting specific calculations.

Our Energysoft monitoring software has no limit in terms of the number of users per client.

Energysoft allows the edition of personalized reports in the formats:

- Word


- Excel

Reports can be sent automatically to users and at the desired frequency.

All the data from our Energysoft monitoring software can be extracted in Excel format directly from a graph or on a programmed frequency.

The Energysoft database can be queried from market reporting tools (Power BI, Excel, QlikView, Tableau, etc.) or from a specific program via our OData API (Microsoft http rest standard).

If you do not have a probe on your site, we suggest that you calculate your irradiation from satellite data. This data is directly integrated into our Energysoft monitoring software.

We distribute Webdyn products (communication gateways) and prepaid SIM cards without subscription and multi-operator. The management of these SIM cards (consumption monitoring, diagnostics, etc.) is integrated into our Energysoft monitoring software.

The operation of the alarms is customizable on Energysoft, according to your requests and your business constraints (operator, asset manager, etc.).

Depending on your needs, we offer you various suitable commitment formulas. Subscriptions to our Energysoft monitoring software are for a period of 2 to 3 years.

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