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« Maximizing renewable energy production and streamlining operations and maintenance are real challenges. » Michael Michetti – EM Solar tells us more.

One of the first challenges in terms of monitoring is for us to detect the risk of breakdowns and to be able to intervene quickly. It’s all a question of responsiveness.

A second challenge is to produce reports for investors and to manage the various portfolios.

Another important point is to know the production potential of our power plants as well as possible. This gives us the opportunity to optimize the performance and profitability of our power plants, and thus guarantee the maximum longevity of our equipment!

Finally, another challenge is the organization of interventions. What is important is to access data quickly, to visualize them in order to be reactive.

And how does Energysoft help to better manage these issues ?

First of all, the EnergySoft software is able to generate customized reports according to our needs. The tool is adaptable, we consult the monitoring of our plants, which we set up according to our wishes. We can create dashboards according to the needs of the position we hold (technician, maintainer, investor…). The software is very complete and configurable! This is reflected in particular when we want to set up the alarms for each manufacturer, allowing a simpler reading of them.

Another advantage is to have reliable data, including weather data and especially to be able to compare them with the Enedis meter readings, every day.

Energysoft opens many possibilities: we can compare power plants, manage CMMS and maintenance contracts… And all this at a very competitive price!

In short, Energysoft is complete and can be configured as desired! We have the desired functionalities. The product is constantly evolving and the team responds as closely as possible to customer requirements.

What if we had to choose just one feature ?

It is not easy to choose one feature among those proposed. It’s the whole set of features that are very useful.

But the automatic billing with Enedis indexes, the daily reading of these indexes and an integrated CMMS are among the features that we consider as a great asset of Energysoft.

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