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François Lebreton

ENGIE CoverSolar

Today, there are multiple requirements for photovoltaic plant monitoring. François Lebreton – ENGIE CoverSolar explains.

EnergySoft’s 1st challenge is to remotely monitor the installations for which we are responsible and to know constantly how they are functioning, how they are connected and what they are producing.

The second is above all a question of analysing the operation of the plants, i.e. answering the question: are they producing the MWh set out in the business plan?

Next, our third challenge is to be able to easily draw up monthly and annual reports on our entire operations or on a particular plant.

The final challenge is to be able to generate service tickets for our maintenance staff at any time and to prevent our installations from being shut down for a variety of reasons.

And how does Energysoft help to manage these issues better?

The first thing we like about Energysoft is its flexibility:
Communication is fluid and easy and the S4E team is very responsive, allowing for discussion and dialogue, even on development and modification requests. The teams are readily available and there is a culture of listening and understanding the needs of the after-sales market.
Plus, we have very easy access to managers who listen to what we need, translate that clearly and then get their teams to work on the issue.

The other good point is its compatibility and flexibility.
The tool adapts to all our needs in terms of visualisation, report creation, modelling and alert generation! It is much more shapeable than some of the other competing products, we can make specific dashboards and widgets for ourselves. We have also created a handbook in case of serious incidents as well as a CMMS. Every time we wanted to do something, the S4E team was able to adapt it.

And don’t forget compatibility with any android phone and tablets.

What if we had to choose just one feature?

The most useful is monitoring with alerts.
If the installation stops communicating, the platform will inform us that the installation is no longer working or communicating. It monitors the facilities with alert management.
This prioritisation of outages is extremely useful to us.

Today, between 23% and 25% of outages are related to communication losses, often related to SIM cards and subscriptions. We can see that one of the advantages of this tool is that it allows us to analyse the mass of data, the typology of outages and to develop a strategy for improvement.

In fact, working with Energysoft means co-constructing the monitoring tool that suits the company, which adds even more value.

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