“Enedis direct”, a new option on Energysoft

For more than 10 years now, Energysoft software has been used to monitor multi-site and multi-manufacturer energy production and consumption facilities, as well as the remote management of any type of building, adapted to the management of any size of park. Designed to be easy to use, the offer is attracting more and more players.

“Enedis direct”, a new option on Energysoft

Users can choose to benefit from the “Enedis direct” option. This option allows users to retrieve meter data via the distributor’s remote reading system.

ENEDIS continues to pursue its digital transition by opening access to data to its approved partners.

This gives opportunities for improved data analytics with modern information systems, such as Energysoft !

This feature brings several advantages to PV park managers by giving them direct access to the meter data of their sites (index and load curves).

Why use the “Enedis direct” option?

The main use cases are as follows:

  • Enedis direct allows meter readings for billing purposes.
  • It is an alternative to inverter monitoring by allowing “hardware-free” monitoring (in other words, without a communication gateway), an operating mode that is particularly well suited to small power plants, such as Linky.
  • The meter data complements the on-site monitoring of the generator elements (inverter, string …).

Thus, the S4E teams have developed the “diagnosis” function that allows the interrogation of meters in case of communication loss with the communication gateways (datalogger or PLC).

When the loss of communication is detected, a remote reading via Enedis Direct is automatically triggered to determine if the generator continues to work or not, allowing the operator to prioritize actions.

About Enedis

Founded in 2008, Enedis is an independent subsidiary of the EDF Group, organized in nearly 800 locations in France and employing over 38,000 people.

Enedis manages the public electricity distribution network in 95% of France.

With nearly 37 million customers, Enedis carries out all technical interventions (connection to the electricity network, troubleshooting, meter reading, etc.), regardless of the electricity supplier.

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