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Energy unions – a software solution to monitor your plants

You have renewable energy production plants -photovoltaic and/ or wind – which have consumption meters (electricity, gas, water) which need to be monitored on your buildings.

As a software editor S4E offers an adapted solution to your needs :

Energysoft allows you to monitor and managfbuilde your assets from its personalisable web portal. The software monitors your solar plants from 3 kWc fed to the grid or selfconsumption with or without storage.

A veritable professional tool, the Energysoft interface offers :

  • Personalised alerts ,
  • Calculations of the performance ration or advanced analysis (comparison with the neighbourhood, modelisation of your production),
  • A page editor to modify the dashboards or to easily create a display for a reception hall,
  • A tool to make your invoices for the production,
  • A standardised interface with the agregators to automatically limit the power of your plants.

For your sites of more than 36 kWc, S4E can exclusively monitor all your installations, without any additional material, using Linky data and satellite irradiations.

Energysoft also offers a module dedicated to smart buildings including :

  • Consumption monitoring by collecting the data from the ENEDIS or GAZPAR meters (expected in 2021),
  • Monitoring of the heat network.

This is an intuitive, personalisable and flexible tool with a huge range of features at a very competitive market price.

Our software solution Energysoft has already been used by SYDER in Rhône, SDEF in Finistère and other energy unions.

Do not hesitate to ask us for a demonstration and a quote depending on the size of your renewable energy production plants.

About S4E

Founded in 2010 S4E is a software editor, specialised in energy information systems. PVSOFT monitors today more than 5000 installations which diversify the energy mix over the land, with more than 650 MWc of renewable energy projects. This solution is dedicated to monitor and maintain decentralised grid connected production arrays on roofs or on the ground, in selfconsumption and with or without energy storage.

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