Kevin Bouron – Portrait

Who are you?

My name is Kevin Bouron, I am 27 years old. Originally from Lorient, I’ve always lived in the west of France, especially in the city of Lanester, right next to Lorient! During my higher education, I was also able to discover the city of Nantes.

I graduated in Electronics and Digital Technologies at the Polytech Nantes school, I did 5 years of studies and then took my first steps in the working world.

Today, I chose to come back to my home town, Lorient. I joined the S4E team in February 2022, where I hold the position of IT engineer.

I seized the opportunity to join S4E because I wanted to practice my profession in a specific field, that of renewable energies.

Could you present us your job ? 

My job is to develop new features of the ENERGYSOFT application, while managing the maintenance of existing features.

Designed to be easy to use, I first analyze the users’ needs to define the functions of the software, to always improve its flexibility.

The team is in constant contact with its customers and if one of them or a member of the team needs a new feature, I will study it, and implement it if it is relevant.

On a day-to-day basis, my missions are quite diverse, and can include drawing up specifications, creating a prototype, technical tests or determining corrective measures before any implementation.

I make the cloud application evolve while keeping in mind the need to make the interface simple and offer the best possible user experience.

The key words in this job? Organization, reactivity, adaptability (to situations, customers and new technologies) and creativity.

At S4E, we strive to continuously satisfy our customers, who are very diverse (investors, operators, maintainers,…). As we expand internationally, we have for example just developed an interconnection system between Spanish meters and Energysoft, an essential feature for one of our new customers in Spain.

Which colleague do you think you are ?

I think I’m an enthusiastic person, a good listener, curious and always available to help my colleagues or our customers on a daily basis.

What do you like to do on weekends?

In general, on weekends I like to do various activities with my friends or family. I am often outside, I like to move a lot.

My outings are mainly on the Breton coast, to discover new places! It is quite rare that I go to the city.

I also like sports a lot, I did 10 years of soccer, 3 years of rugby and 5 years of judo!

About S4E

Founded in 2010, S4E is a software editor, specialized in energy information systems. ENERGYSOFT monitors today more than 9000 installations allowing the diversification of the energy mix in the territories, more than 1,8 GWp of projects. This solution is dedicated to the monitoring and maintenance of decentralized production plants on roofs or on the ground connected to the grid, in self-consumption with or without energy storage means.

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