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2023, a year of consolidation for S4E and its platform Energysoft

With almost 3GW of renewable power plants monitored on its platform Enegysoft, S4E, a Saas software company, establish itself as the French market leader of the solar Commercial and industrial segment 2023 stands as a year of consolidation for Energysoft with the achievement of major software development and progresses. Since

Energysoft: optimising performance in solar power plants with integrated reporting tools

In the renewable energy sector, the collection, analysis and presentation of performance data are essential to ensure the success and profitability of solar installations. Powerful reporting tools have been integrated into Energysoft, designed to meet the specific needs of the industry and help companies optimise plant performance, ensure reliability and

Maximising energy efficiency with the inverter curtailment tool

In the constantly evolving field of renewable energies, efficient electricity production management is essential to guarantee the stability of the power grid, comply with current regulations or meet specific operational requirements. The solar inverter curtailment solutions offered by Energysoft are key elements in the quest for control and flexibility. Inverter

Customer testimony – Valénergies

“We wanted a single system to connect up all our solar power plants” Cyril Vezza – Director of Operations at Valénergies tells us more. We reviewed our situation in June 2021: this showed that we were struggling to see what our PV plants were generating but above all, whether they

Streamlined maintenance with there Energysoft integrated tool

Whether preventive or curative, maintenance undertaken on solar power plants is key to ensuring PV systems run smoothly, achieve peak performance and are long-lasting. The Energysoft maintenance tool has been jointly designed and developed with our clients (particularly Apex Energies and Générale du Solaire) and is available to all users