Photovoltaic monitoring – the main points

Photovoltaic solar energy is defined today as a solution for the future. It is one of the most ecological and economical renewable resources. The constant increase in the price of electricity is generating a growing demand for positive energy power plants, which in turn is leading to a growing need for software that can monitor and manage the installations, thus ensuring optimal performance from both a technical and economic point of view.

Photovoltaic monitoring in a few words?

For optimal management of a solar photovoltaic installation, it is essential to have a reactive and dynamic monitoring tool in order to be as responsive as possible.
The manager of the photovoltaic installation can then have access to data from the monitoring software in order to guarantee its proper functioning and performance throughout its lifetime.

What information does a photovoltaic monitoring software provide? for grid-injection or self-consumption solar power plants.

For grid-injection photovoltaic installations, a complete monitoring software provides you with

– the measurement of the photovoltaic energy produced
– the calculation of its economic interest,
– the evaluation of the performance of the site with the provision of various physical measures (voltage, current, power, frequency…),
– the possible malfunctions from the alarms created beforehand by the user

In the case of a self-consumption photovoltaic project, the solar energy produced is consumed by the building. The surplus production is generally fed into the grid. In this case, the monitoring software provides you with the following data
– the percentage of use of the photovoltaic production,
– the self-consumption ratio,
– the self-production ratio,
– the instantaneous production created
– the tons of CO2 avoided,
– etc..

Thanks to the monitoring software, follow the data of your solar power plant daily!

Whatever the size and use of a photovoltaic installation, the main objective of the monitoring system is to follow the solar energy produced daily, to evaluate the performance of the site, to detect malfunctions and to alert immediately in case of defect.
By following these productions day after day, it is then possible to regularly propose improvements, according to the evolutions of the consumptions and the technological advances of photovoltaic. Otherwise known as: performance studies.

Be alerted in case of malfunction of your solar photovoltaic plant.

All inverter or datalogger malfunctions are immediately detected and an alarm is instantly sent to the photovoltaic plant manager.

When the alarm is detected, a curative maintenance is immediately triggered to restore the proper functioning of your installation as soon as possible.

Photovoltaic monitoring software – optimize the profitability of your solar energy production.

A photovoltaic monitoring system helps to avoid prolonged stoppages in solar energy production. The quick detection of malfunctions and failures is the most important factor in limiting potentially high financial losses.

If you have a photovoltaic plant, you can join the ENERGYSOFT customer community and get your own dedicated interface to monitor the daily operation of your solar plant. You will automatically receive alerts in case of malfunction.

About S4E

Founded in 2010, S4E is a software editor, specialized in energy information systems. ENERGYSOFT currently monitors more than 7500 installations allowing the diversification of the energy mix in the territories, more than 1.2 GWp of projects. This solution is dedicated to the monitoring and maintenance of decentralized rooftop or ground-mounted production plants connected to the grid, in self-consumption with or without energy storage.

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