PVSOFT, the monitoring software from the software editor S4E, has been given a facelift to become ENERGYSOFT. This name change comes with the opening of the software to other energies, notably wind, but also to the remote reading of building meters. The Energaïa Forum (Montpellier,France) is an opportunity to present and anchor this new name to stakeholders in the renewable energy sector and to present the new features of the software.

S4E continues its development with players in the photovoltaic sector, while expanding the possibilities of the software. The objective of this opening to other fields of application is to support the transformation of the energy market, today based on a multi-energy energy mix, and a desire to reduce the consumption of buildings. ENERGYSOFT allows you to monitor different types of projects using a single software, a great advantage for customers.

ENERGYSOFT is a widely customizable and flexible monitoring software. It allows the monitoring of Renewable power plants of any power and the remote management of any type of building and is suitable for the management of any size of park. It is designed to be easy to handle and shared by a large number of users.

The offer is attracting more and more players: managers / owners of energy-hungry buildings looking for savings on their bills, but also managers of solar and wind farms seeking efficiency in operation while controlling their costs . Optimizing energy production and consumption is a central issue in a world undergoing energy transition. Thanks to machine learning, ENERGYSOFT makes it possible to improve, through intelligent neighborhood or production or consumption modeling, the detection of drops in production performance or overconsumption of buildings.

In a few years, the French software editor has largely positioned itself on the French market: « This year again we have exceeded our objectives: we have doubled our turnover over the last 3 years in terms of subscriptions. Since 2015, we are very proud to have multiplied the use of the service by 15. These good results and the prospects mapped out for 2020 prompted us to recruit from our technical team in order to widen the potential of the software and consolidate our knowledge about solar energy, the area of ​​excellence of ENERGYSOFT. Thus, we are enriching our catalog with flexible and affordable regulation systems for zero-injection and for regulation in the photovoltaic field », says Jean Marie Hermelin CEO of S4E. The name change is also the result of a desire to develop ENERGYSOFT internationally.

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