S4E expands abroad with its energy monitoring software, ENERGYSOFT

S4E, the French software editor launches its international operations in order to grow on the Energy monitoring market.  

To date, ENERGYSOFT, the monitoring software developed by S4E has a strong footprint on the French market, with more than 10% market share. This year is a good time for the company to go international in order to reach foreign Renewable Energy developers. Not only the company has been approached by German, Italian or Spanish players but also by companies based in Morocco, Israel, Brazil or India, notably because of the strong and varied features of its monitoring solution offered at a competitive price. In order to answer to the needs on these high potential markets, S4E had to strengthen its sales team. Since a few weeks, the software editor has onboarded a new International Business Development Manager, Pierre-Marie Inizan, as well as Simon Bertho, in charge of French and International customer support. The main objective of these hirings is to confirm the traction and the positioning of the software on several growing Renewables Energy markets. 

We are now recognised as one of the leaders on the market of monitoring for Renewable Energy and especially on solar projects with more than 7200 monitored sites in France, corresponding to 1,1GWp of Renewable Energy production. With Pierre-Marie in charge of our international development and Simon in charge of customer support, we are convinced that there is a lot of potential for ENERGYSOFT in different parts of the world like Germany and why not on the Indian market, where Renewable Energies are rapidly growing” says Jean-Marie Hermelin, CEO of S4E.  

ENERGYSOFT is a flexible monitoring software that allows monitoring of Renewable Energy sites of varied sizes and power, and remote management on any type of building. Users can be onboarded very easily, and the platform can be shared with all types of users smoothly. 

The offer has convinced more and more players: operators of solar parcs or wind farms looking for efficient operations as well as costs control but also operators or owners of energy consuming buildings looking for savings on their energy bills. Optimization of the production and energy consumption is a hot topic as our world goes through an energy transition phase. Thanks to machine learning, ENERGYSOFT contributes to the identification of low production performance or overconsumption in buildings through smart neighboring functionalities or production and consumption modeling. 


Created in 2010, S4E is a software editor specializing in energy information systems. ENERGYSOFT monitors today 7200 sites contributing to the energy mix, 1,1GWp of renewable energy projects with 1000 users. The solution aims at monitoring and maintaining decentralized rooftop production plants or solar plants connected to the grid, with self-consumption or not, with or without means of energy storage. 


Jean-Marie HERMELIN – Directeur général – jm.hermelin@s4e-software.com – 06 79 25 74 82

Vincente JULÉ – Chargée de communication & marketing – v.jule@s4e-software.com – 07 63 99 40 58  

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