Smart Neighbouring Comparing to optimize performance

S4E is all about continuous development. This is perfectly illustrated by the Smart Neighbourhing feature, integrated into the Energysoft application five years ago. This technology, which uses artificial intelligence, can identify underperforming photovoltaic power plants by comparing them with surrounding installations.

What is the Smart Neighbouring?

It enables solar power plant owners to measure the efficiency of their own installations against reference production data from plants within a 30-kilometre radius. This innovative approach complements solar irradiance data, which is usually used to assess performance.

By analysing historical data for up to six months, we can establish a correlation rate between neighbouring installations with comparable production conditions. This provides an accurate assessment of relative performance. A rate of 97% or higher means that neighbouring plants are operating under similar conditions.

Integration of artificial intelligence and data visualization

Energysoft uses machine learning to model a power plant’s production according to selected neighbours. This provides predictions of yield in relation to its neighbours, enabling immediate identification of whether the station in question is operating correctly and optimally.

All processed data is anonymized to ensure that every user’s geographical and production information remains confidential and secure.

Implementation of a data science strategy

Integration of the smart neighbourhing function into Energysoft was the first building block in the data science strategy being implemented by S4E. In partnership with research laboratories, S4E continually develops and integrates new algorithms to improve the intelligence of performance related tools. This fully reflects S4E commitment to innovation in providing advanced energy management solutions to improve the efficiency and profitability of photovoltaic power plants.

Energysoft’s smart neighbourhing is a perfect example of how technological progress and AI can be used to transform energy management practices. Energysoft offers invaluable tools for monitoring, comparing and optimizing energy production, for every solar energy stakeholder.

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