Smarts-Grids ADEME event – 26/11/2020

S4E is participating this Thursday at 9H30 in the Smart Grids event organised by the ADEME, and in particular in the round table on « How to facilitate the integration of renewable energies in the electrical system at a lesser price ». This will be the opportunity to present our recent developments and services : the forecast of solar production and the modulation of the power.

We won a tender in 2017 « SME initiatives » launched by the ADEME as part of the Investments in the Future Programme to set up a system to forecast short term production in photovoltaic power plants called the« SEE Project ».

« The company S4E has presented a very innovative project which responds to the important challenges of the integration of renewable energies in electrical networks. The current market of the forecast does not include all types of photovoltaic plants particularly those of less than 2MWc. The SEE project is going to be able to answer this issue, notably by reducing the cost of the forecast using a territorial approach. The direct applications in the Non connected zones (DROM and Corsica) are potentially important » said Yvonnick Durand Head of Low Carbon Energies in the Investments in the Future Management at the ADEME.

« The SEE Project is part of a necessary innovation direction which responds to the needs of the market, adapted to non interconnected zones. With this we have been able to complete our range of solutions and services for our clients at a cost controlled rate » said Jean-Marie Hermelin the Managing Director. « The sector is more and more professionalised, and the demands of the users are much higher than in previous years. We are therefore doing our utmost to reply to this demand : as soon as the SEE PROJECT is finished, we will launch the programme of power modulation, to be able to supply an on site extension to Energysoft. Our clients have immediately understood the advantage, and have helped us enormously by codeveloping the service ».

« These two features are amongst the new developments aiming to increase the control of the plants by the owners. With these applications, we are targeting the production – consumption balance on the perimeter of group selfconsumption as well as the injection installations which need to be stopped or changed during negative price periods. This corresponds to the evolution of our target market, which is the extension towards high power installations, which can become interruptible » concludes Alexandre Volpato, Head of Innovation .

Energysoft proposes an industrial interface between the owner and the agregators.

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