With Energysoft, integrate intelligence into your wind farm

Wind is a source of clean and reliable energy which brings a better electrical stability into the energy mix. Wind farms are sprouting up all over France and Europe and electric networks are becoming more and more intelligent. Energysoft adapts to the energy mix as it can integrate software into all types of wind farms.

Energysoft, a multi energy software

Our software solution monitors all of your multi energy sites as it is compatible with all types of material, manufacturers and technical solutions. Keep monitoring the production performance of your wind farms as well as your solar power plants and be informed of any malfunction or decrease in performance. You can receive personalised reports on your power so as to be able to monitor your production. You can reduce the stoppages of your wind farms thanks to the integrated maintenance module and the mobile application for technicians.
Energysoft has been looking after your Renewable energy plants everywhere in the world since 2010 : Europe, Asia, the Carribean, Oceania, …

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