With Energysoft, monitor the production performance of your buildings

Energysoft adapts to the Smart Building monitoring as the integration of the software is possible on any connected building, allowing an energy management system to be set up and the connection of electrical material to the network.

Energysoft integrates intelligence into your buildings

Our software solution monitors all of your sites thanks to the interconnection with our partners’ information systems (ENEDIS, GRDF…) or due to the communication pathways installed on our sites, which let us automate data collection from the electric meters and sensors. You also have the possibility thanks to our personalisable dashboards and alerts sent in case of malfunction to remotely monitor your energy consumption. Due to our unique portal each user can connect from a different device and share the information without constraints.

Energysoft has been looking after your sites everywhere in the world since 2010: Europe, Asia, the Carribean, Oceania, …

If you would like a demonstration, get in touch!

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