Customer testimony Systeko

Kévin LE CAR

Operations and Maintenance Director (O&M)

Systeko is a Martinique-based company and a pioneer in rooftop solar energy. Since its creation ten years ago, Systeko has expanded to include Guadeloupe and French Guiana, and now employs over 60 people across the 3 territories.


About Systeko

We develop solar solutions tailored to the varied needs of our private and business customers, but we have also established a strong presence as a producer with resale to the grid. Our expertise is based on in-depth knowledge of the specific features of each of our regions: from natural phenomena to optimum production times, not forgetting soil composition and the different time zones. Every initiative we take is guided by our vision of a sustainable future for Martinique, Guadeloupe and French Guiana, where each kilowatt-hour sold represents considerable potential for our territories.


How did your collaboration with S4E begin?

We began working with S4E in 2020, initially to supervise our power plants. But recently, we wanted to introduce a new maintenance module (CMMS). We chose S4E to support us in this transition, enabling us to combine supervision and maintenance on a single platform. Our hybrid B2B/B2C model meant that we had to find a partner who could easily adapt to the varied requirements of our customers. This ability to customise and configure the tool means that we can now meet the specific needs of each of our customers.


How did you get started?

Implementation was quick and easy, because all the control units were already in the software. We worked on the deployment with the S4E teams on the basis of a win-win situation. In other words, the specific needs expressed contributed to improving the platform, which is beneficial both for us and for all their customers. We took part in remote training sessions to help us get to grips with this new module. The S4E team is also very responsive when we need them. Our 600 power plants under supervision and maintenance are now visible in the same tab, whatever their configuration.


The integration of the new CMMS maintenance module was a turning point, giving us a unified, customised and flexible platform. Today, we can say that each power plant under our supervision is managed more efficiently, guaranteeing optimised solar energy production in our territories.


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