Energysoft: optimising performance in solar power plants with integrated reporting tools

In the renewable energy sector, the collection, analysis and presentation of performance data are essential to ensure the success and profitability of solar installations. Powerful reporting tools have been integrated into Energysoft, designed to meet the specific needs of the industry and help companies optimise plant performance, ensure reliability and maximise profitability.

Photovoltaic power plant performance management is crucial, enabling operators to monitor production, diagnose potential problems and support decisions to ensure continuous efficient operations. Energysoft’s reporting tools meet these requirements.

Different levels of reporting

Energysoft offers a variety of features to meet different needs of different users.

Reporting to improve communication: these reports are designed to provide essential information on plant performance. They include data such as performance ratios and downtime periods. Generated in PDF or Word format, at the frequency desired by the user, they are shared with various internal and external stakeholders for total transparency. The report templates can be easily customised in Microsoft Word enabling selection of the indicators relevant to individual needs and the integration of corporate graphic charters or design.

Reporting to optimise maintenance: curative or preventive maintenance of solar installations is essential for guaranteeing reliability. Energysoft can generate detailed maintenance reports after an intervention. These reports provide a complete overview of the status of the installation and the actions taken to maintain optimum performance.

Integration of Business Intelligence (BI) tools

The integration of BI tools represents an important step in the evolution of facilities management. Energysoft accompanies this integration, enabling users to take full advantage of their data:

  • Creation of customised reports: users can design their own reports by aggregating data from multiple sources. This allows total customisation to meet the specific needs of each company.
  • In-depth analysis: BI tools help users to analyse and visualise advanced data. The interactive, customised dashboards available in Energysoft enable near real-time monitoring of plant performance, while integration of data from multiple sources provides a comprehensive overview.
  • Connectivity with Microsoft tools: Energysoft is seen, natively and without any additional modules, as a data source by Microsoft tools (Excel and PowerBI), enabling a fluid and integrated user experience for users of the Microsoft suite.

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