Inverter availabilty : an essential part of preventive maintenance with Energysoft

Photovoltaic inverters play a key role in the running and overall performance of a solar power plant. They convert direct current (DC) generated by the PV panels into useable alternating current (AC). They are a key part of the generator, vital for producing electricity from the panels. Measuring inverter availability helps check the system is working properly.

Excluding weather and environmental factors, inverter availability is a contractual aspect between solar plant producers and operators. As such, Energysoft software gives producers the option of measuring running time on all or part of the PV power plant and the inverter’s ability to operate reliably to supply the required power.

Solar power inverter availability is generally calculated as a percentage based on the ratio of running time to the maximum power generation period. The basic calculation formula is as follows:

Availability (%) = (Running time / Total time) x 100

Solar power inverter availability can be affected by several factors, particularly the surroundings and weather conditions, hardware failures, unplanned downtimes and reboot/restart times, etc.    As such, Energysoft constantly measures inverter availability and assigns categories to it (inverter malfunction, network operator procedure, maintenance provider fault, etc.).

Energysoft: your partner for measuring and improving PV inverter availability

Inverter availability is optimised using adapted schedules, regular maintenance, continuous monitoring and preventive measures to mitigate potential risks. This process helps ensure the system runs reliably and make the most of the solar power available. Energysoft tracks this technical availability.

As each producer has their own calculation method, inverter availability can be entirely calibrated in Energysoft, using highly ‘Excel-minded” mathematical formulas.

Equally, given that availability is a contractual factor, all related data can be edited and assigned to categories to define a contractual availability level as a basis for discussion when assigning accountability.

This feature has been jointly developed with Energysoft’s clients, to offer all its active customers an all-in-one integrated software application.

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