S4E wins a tender in Cyprus!


Yes, S4E has been chosen to monitor the sun that bathes the island of Cyprus. Boasting an average of over 300 days of annual sunshine, Cyprus lies 70 km off the Anatolian coast of Turkey, in the Eastern Mediterranean.

A few weeks ago, S4E won a tender to monitor and manage 407 photovoltaic power plants and 20 weather stations fitted to the roofing of schools throughout the island. The power generated by these PV plants is fed into the national grid.

The Cypriot Ministry for Energy, or Electricity Authority of Cyprus (EAC), coordinates the installation of photovoltaic plants on school roofs and published the tender in 2022. Energysoft will be deployed to monitor the efficient operation of these power plants.

Energysoft will interconnect with components made by various inverter manufacturers, such as Sungrow, Solax or Huawei, to recover data via APIs and centralise them on a single monitoring platform. The ability to centralise power plant monitoring without switching from one platform to another being one of the main demands in the tender.

Energysoft’s bid was successful because of the team’s ability to demonstrate flexibility by adapting to all the types of components used on Cypriot PV sites, with dedicated connectors having been developed for the project. The chosen operating method (use of manufacturer APIs) has a key advantage in that it requires no on-site interventions by Energysoft teams.

Energysoft was also singled out as the platform enables in-depth analyses on generation performance at the administered sites. When operating over a relatively small area with many low-power sites (7-10 kWp), you have to be extremely attentive when analysing performance and managing PV plant availability.

In addition to French, the platform will be available in English, both languages being already built into the platform.

In conclusion, the implementation phase of our mission will be completed over a period of 6 months as the service is deployed and users are trained. It will be managed remotely by a Project Manager and a Sales Representative direct from the S4E offices in Lorient (France). The production monitoring service through Energysoft is for a 10 year period.

Young Cypriots are happily going to be made aware of the necessary ecological transition from a very early age.

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