Streamlined maintenance with there Energysoft integrated tool

Whether preventive or curative, maintenance undertaken on solar power plants is key to ensuring PV systems run smoothly, achieve peak performance and are long-lasting.

The Energysoft maintenance tool has been jointly designed and developed with our clients (particularly Apex Energies and Générale du Solaire) and is available to all users to meet sector demand for a comprehensive and integrated tool. In fact, you can use this device to manage all maintenance tasks at a given site. Its multiple displays (lists, calendar or geographical map) plus a dedicated workflow mean that you can simply allocate tasks by dragging and dropping them to a maintenance team, into a schedule or quite simply by geographical proximity.

Prevention is better than cure: maintain solar power plant efficiency using Energysoft

The purpose of regular, scheduled maintenance is to prevent outages and potential problems with solar plants. The main goal is to keep a solar generator running properly, to get the most out of it and extend the service life of units by regular inspections, cleaning, checking electrical connections and replacing worn parts, etc. Each organisation can create its own inspection checklists (maintenance range) to be filled in as the task is performed.

When it comes to preventive maintenance with Energysoft, operating and maintenance departments can directly report the type and duration of maintenance tasks to teams producing the maintenance task schedule.

Simplicity and efficiency: how does Energysoft streamline curative maintenance on PV power plants?

Curative maintenance on solar power plants focuses on tasks undertaken to resolve specific problems or outages that occur. It seeks to restore the generator’s peak performance following a malfunction or breakdown.

The Energysoft management warning system detects a problem and reports it to the maintenance unit by issuing a ticket. Each ticket then remains live until the fault has been resolved by the maintenance crew who can proceed with remote checks or travel to the site to undertake the repair. Once the case is closed the ticket is archived but can be viewed at any time on the dashboard and shared with the solar plant owner.

Maintenance technicians on the spot have direct access to a mobile app to report their presence on-site using the maintenance tool. They can also use it to notify the type of tasks they undertake, add any comments or even explanatory images. Once they have completed their work, they can produce standardised maintenance task reports to be signed off by those present.

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