2023, a year of consolidation for S4E and its platform Energysoft

With almost 3GW of renewable power plants monitored on its platform Enegysoft, S4E, a Saas software company, establish itself as the French market leader of the solar Commercial and industrial segment

2023 stands as a year of consolidation for Energysoft with the achievement of major software development and progresses.

Since its beginning, S4E works with a continued improvement strategy by listening to the client’s needs and offering enhanced functionalities on a regular basis.

From the numerous 2023 achievements, the most significative one, is with no doubt, the advanced monitoring of downtime.

Solar inverters play a major role regarding the operation and performance of a solar plant. Inverter Downtime calculation is a key to evaluate the system optimal performance.

Energysoft automatically deduce the global solar plant uptime from the calculation of the inverters’ uptime percentage. As solar producers or operators have different objectives to respond to, the uptime calculation is fully customizable with their own conditions.

Energysoft offers now the possibility to define a contractual downtime by editing downtime periods and categorizing the causes  (internal vs external :  inverter default, network maintenance, etc)

The powerful calculation module allows in-depth analysis. Indeed, the module uses conditional and mathematical formulas widening the range of KPIs possibilities. Those customed KPIs can then be used in alarms, graphs, and monitoring reports offering an unequalled flexibility to solar professionals, essential for a valuable monitoring.

« 2023 is another significative year of growth. This year too, we have exceeded our growth goals with an increase of 50% of our turnover. Our teams have been considerably strengthened with the employment of qualified engineers in technical, commercial and customer services roles. Furthermore, the establishment of a new data-scientist activity, made up exclusively of machine and deep-learning recognized experts, will bring even more intelligence in our client’s green power plants monitoring for 2024.» stated Jean Marie Hermelin, S4E chief executive.


Created in 2010, S4E develops, builds, and operates a monitoring SaaS solution dedicated to renewable energy. Its software, Energysoft, is an essential monitoring and maintenance platform for various green power plant types : heterogeneous hardware mix, connected to the network or off grid, injecting the power to the grid or consuming its own power on site, with or without power storage.

In 2023, S4E counts 2,500 customers, more than 13,000 renewable plants monitored on Energysoft, nearly 3 GWp of green power.

To find out more : https://s4e-software.com/

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