Convert energy into currency with Energysoft

Optimised management of solar installations is not limited to technical performance monitoring, it also extends to financial impact. Thanks to its energy value function, Energysoft can present energy production as monetary value, giving managers a complete view of the profitability of their photovoltaic power plants.

What is the energy value function?

This is a process of converting energy produced into any currency. The main aim is to provide a financial vision of energy production, facilitating optimised and strategic resource management. Both for direct billing and economic analysis, converting production data into monetary terms enables producers to accurately assess the profitability of their facilities.

Energysoft adapts its valuation methods to the customer’s situation:

  • Fixed price per kWh with feed-in tariff contract (S21, S17, …) or AO CRE
  • Epex market price
  • PPA or CPPA contract price

The application provides users with a comprehensive financial report, displaying production graphs in a selected currency. As well as generating accurate invoices for the energy fed into the grid, the application shows the times and conditions when the installation is most profitable.

Loss management and financial optimisation

The Energysoft alert system warns managers of the quantity and nature of energy losses, providing an estimate of their daily financial impact. This helps identify where financial losses are most significant, enabling improvement efforts to be focused where required.

The system is able to calculate the volume of energy loss and measure it in a selected currency according to the contract terms. This function is essential to enable our customers to accurately invoice their own clients or service providers for these losses, or to adjust their management strategy.

Finally, Energysoft offers an integrated view that combines the technical and financial aspects of facility management. This holistic view enables managers to make informed decisions based not only on technical performance, but also on the associated financial impact.

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