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“Energysoft is the perfect combination of an efficient monitoring system and a highly proactive group of professionals.

Interview Sepulveda with Iñigo, BI and Scada manager at Reden Solar International

Iñigo, can you tell us about your work at Reden Solar International?

I manage the whole SCADA sector, i.e. the real time and remote monitoring of our projects, mainly in Spain and Portugal but also in the rest of the world. I am in charge of making recommendations on the systems to be integrated into the plants. The other aspect of my work is data analysis: collecting, processing, writing reports.

How do you use Energysoft? How does this solution simplify your daily life?

My main role is to deploy the tool so that it can be used by asset managers in the various plants. I use Energysoft to study production according to the temperature of modules for instance or for future power plant projects. For example, this tool has enabled us to study the impact of wind on tracker systems or to analyse production issues related to rising temperatures. This is made all the easier in that Energysoft allows integration of variables from different sources for easy and fast data visualisation.

Our asset managers are delighted with the platform. They have much more visibility on plant operations and are able to detect certain hidden defects that they couldn’t before, especially by analysing production details per inverter.

Why did you choose Energysoft? After a few months of use, what is your feedback?

We chose Energysoft because we considered it was the most flexible in terms of views and information sharing, especially given that it enables us to choose different monitoring profiles. We are very happy with it and have even thanked the team when, after looking for a feature that we thought could be useful, without even telling the S4E team, it arrived a few days later! Updates are always fast and the support team is very responsive.

What are your main challenges in terms of monitoring?

In our case, we have more than 50 different types of inverters and at least 6 types dataloggers. We were able to adapt very quickly thanks to Energysoft. Our biggest challenge was therefore the integration of data from multiple sources.

How does Energysoft help you manage these issues?

We needed a proactive and flexible solution and that’s what we found with Energysoft! The tool allows us to work on several projects simultaneously and adapts to our needs very quickly.

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