ENERGYSOFT : 10 years of monitoring ! 🎉

S4E, the energy software company, is proud to announce that its ENERGYSOFT software has been monitoring multi-site and multi-manufacturer energy production and consumption facilities for more than 10 years already !

That is :

  • More than 7500 sites
  • 1000 users
  • 2 GW of monitored production

ENERGYSOFT has been attracting numerous developers in the renewable energy sector for the past 10 years, particularly in the solar sector !

ENERGYSOFT is a customizable and flexible monitoring software. It allows the monitoring of renewable energy plants of any power and the remote management of any type of building and is adapted to the management of any size of park. It is designed to be easily handled and shared by a large number of users.

For more than 10 years, the offer has attracted more and more players: managers of solar and wind farms looking for efficiency in operation while controlling their costs, but also managers/owners of energy-intensive buildings looking for savings on their bills. The optimisation of energy production and consumption is a central issue in a world in full energy transition. Thanks to machine learning, ENERGYSOFT makes it possible to improve, through intelligent neighbourhood or production or consumption modelling, the detection of drops in production performance or over-consumption in buildings.

“We are now recognised as one of the leaders in the market for the monitoring of renewable energy projects, particularly solar, with more than 7500 monitored installations in France, equivalent to 1.2 GWp of renewable energy production,” says Jean Marie Hermelin, Managing Director of S4E.

About S4E

Created in 2010, S4E is a software editor specializing in energy information systems. ENERGYSOFT monitors today 7500 sites contributing to the energy mix, 1,2 GWp of renewable energy projects with 1000 users. The solution aims at monitoring and maintaining decentralized rooftop production plants or solar plants connected to the grid, with self-consumption or not, with or without means of energy storage.

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