Energysoft can help you sell your production to your aggregator

Energysoft has had for the last couple of weeks a new module which manages the sale of the production to the aggregators from start to finish : constant real time transmission of the production and the unavailabilities to the aggregator, automatic limitation of power during a negative price period

Technically we establish an interconnection with the aggregator via a web service. The partner aggregator can therefore:

  • Collect the production data of a plant
  • Collect the programmed unavailabilities (like a maintenance stoppage)
  • Send an alert for a future negative price period

For the Energysoft users, they can  :

  • Be notified by email and visualise the alerts for a future negative price period sent be the aggregator
  • Automatically or manually validate the negative price alerts

Automatic power limitation

The limitation of power on site is controlled by the Power Controller (supplied by S4E) interconnected to Energysoft and installed on site. It has its own secure communication channel and can be connected to the existing installation without modifying it.

When the negative price alert has been validated Energysoft programmes the future period of power limitation on the Power Controller. It will then apply the programmed hours accordingly.

The Power Controller is a technical solution which is very easy to use as it is independent from the communication system in place.

Do not hesitate to contact us so that we can study your project together.

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