Simon Bertho – Portrait

Portrait of Simon Bertho – Ingénieur Support Client Support Engineer

« With the S4E team, energy is under control »

Who are you ?

Simon Bertho, 27 years old, in a civil partnership. I graduated as an engineer in IT and finance from the ESILV school (Paris – La Défense). I joined S4E in 2021 to work on international development.

After my studies I worked for three years in Paris at a financial software editor’s. I was then able to live the most unforgettable year in Montreal in Canada. I come from Brittany, not far from Lorient so I wanted to return here.

Could you tell us about your job ?

My job involves helping clients use the software. This includes their training and replying to any questions they may ask. My objective is to make sure they can use the software !

I am also in contact with developers and architects of the software as a voice of the needs of our clients.

What sort of colleague are you ?

I think I am accessible and a good listener so that we can all get on together in developing Energysoft. I am pretty interested in everything my colleagues do, in their daily work.

What do you enjoy doing at the weekend?

Easy question, walking by the sea ! For all those years when I was living away from Brittany, I missed the strength and calm of the ocean the most. Now that I am back here, I can walk along the coast and my next objective is to try Kitesurfing! I also enjoy spending time with friends in Belle-île-en-mer.

About S4E

Founded in 2010 S4E is a software editor, specialised in energy information systems. ENERGYSOFT monitors today more than 6700 installations which diversify the energy mix over the land, with more than 940 MWc of renewable energy projects. This solution is dedicated to monitor and maintain decentralised grid connected production arrays on roofs or on the ground , in selfconsumption and with or without energy storage.

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