Interview with Manon Lemetais

When did you join S4E?  What did you do before?

I joined S4E in May 2022, so quite recently!

Before that, I worked abroad (Indonesia, USA, New Zealand) in different fields of expertise such as exploration geology or project management in the construction industry. I am therefore fluent in English and even Spanish: a real advantage for our international clients. 

Having experienced other cultures has also enabled me to develop skills such as positive communication (which is specific to English-speaking culture) and adapting my speech to the culture and profile of the person opposite.

What is your role in S4E?

I’m a Project Engineer, so my role is to help new customers get to grips with the software, accompany their learning process and ensure that our solution meets their needs.

In your opinion, how is S4E’s customer service a real relay and “enhancer” of the solution?

Customer service would not be as good without the support and technical teams who work in the background, bringing their expertise to serve our clients.

We are also a human-sized structure, which makes internal communication easier and allows us to ensure maximum responsiveness.

To sum up, S4E’s customer service is a real relay point for the solution because it provides better understanding of customers’ needs and direct communication of these to the technical team, while also identifying solutions. Finally, this service enables our technical team to prioritise requests according to the critical nature of the customer’s request.

Could you explain how S4E is customer centric?

Energysoft is built with its customers and for its customers. It offers standard monitoring tools but is also fully customisable. This is its strength. Each client is sure to be able to create his or her ideal monitoring environment.

And if there is something missing to make their lives easier, then we listen to them and co-construct the improvement of our software.

What sort of colleague do you think you are?

I would say I’m pretty all-purpose.

I’m quite relaxed and willing to share time with colleagues while respecting each other’s personalities and moments of concentration.

As I’m just starting out with them, it’s true that I ask a lot of them. But I always receive a smiling welcome and always leave with answers to my questions. This is a pretty good sign.

What do you like to do at the weekend / in your free time?

I like outdoor sports, especially climbing and water sports. I also have a 9-month-old daughter who fills my weekends with sunshine while I swap my sporting desires for family outings until she can accompany me.

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