NEW! Reactive power monitoring now built into Energysoft

No more nasty surprises of unexpected penalties! S4E has recently added a new feature to Energysoft that tracks reactive power on a daily basis.

What is reactive power?

Reactive power is a form of electrical power that doesn’t directly contribute to supplying payloads, but which is needed to maintain a stable electrical field in transformers, motors and generators.

Reactive power is measured in VAr (volts-amps-reactive) and if not properly managed can cause issues such as power losses, damage to equipment or penalties to be paid.

Enedis, which controls the generation and use of reactive power in France, applies penalties to encourage users to regulate the amount they generate or consume.

View the reactive power generated by your power plants

This is why S4E, in partnership with its clients, has developed a new, innovative feature that enables operators, asset managers or owners to monitor the level of reactive power generated by their plants. Featuring dedicated dashboards, Energysoft now offers the option of a daily overview of reactive power using a configurable warning system to pre-empt and manage penalties.

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